Across America and Colorado, policies emanating from Washington are threatening our fundamental freedoms and endangering our environment.

Amy Padden is the one we can trust to make our communities safer, defend our civil liberties, and protect our environment.

An experienced prosecutor, Amy will work to reduce gun violence. She will stand up for our right to choose when and how to start a family, for our freedom to love who we love and be who we are without discrimination, for the protection of our environment (because it’s the only one we have), and for our ability to work and learn safe from sexual harassment and assault.

We need an Attorney General who doesn’t just talk a good game but is able to back it up in court. Amy Padden will get the job done.


Amy Padden is simply the kind of person people trust. She is your reliable neighbor, your friend you turn to for honest advice, the person who goes out of her way to lend a hand and her voice.

After a stellar academic career at Georgetown Law where she was a Senior Editor of the Law Journal, Amy held two prestigious Federal Court clerkships. As with so many who have come to our great state, the Colorado way of doing things beckoned her. After making partner at a major law firm, Amy chose to dedicate her career to public service.

In the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, Amy developed a reputation as a tenacious public servant, fighting and winning on behalf of seniors and others who were victims of fraud.