“Amy Padden is simply the kind of person people trust. She is your reliable neighbor, your friend you turn to for honest advice, the person who goes out of her way to lend a hand and her voice.”

After a stellar academic career at Georgetown Law where she was a Senior Editor of the Law Journal, Amy held two prestigious Federal Court clerkships. As with so many who have come to our great state, the Colorado way of doing things beckoned her. After making partner at a major law firm, Amy chose to dedicate her career to public service.

In the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, Amy developed a reputation as a tenacious public servant, fighting and winning on behalf of seniors and others who were victims of fraud.

After she was recruited to the United States Attorney’s Office, Amy earned a national reputation as an effective, proven leader and a talented trial attorney. Amy became a supervisor after less than four years at the office and was thereafter promoted to be the Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney, the third in command of the office, a position that provided her with responsibility for supervising a large office of prosecutors and staff. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch brought her onto a high-level working group that addressed key criminal justice reform issues. Amy handled some of the highest profile cases in the office, including going to court and defeating a motion by Oklahoma City Bomber Terry Nichols to have his firearms returned to his family so that they could be sold for a profit.

Amy is a hiker, skier, a golfer, and has run marathons. Amy’s husband Bill is an avid hunter, and when not campaigning, they find ways to enjoy the vast beauty of Colorado’s outdoors.