Criminal Justice Reform

  • We must address criminal justice reform in an innovative and direct manner. While we need to be tough on crime, we must also be smart on crime — that means looking across the board for ways to end statutes that have a disparate impact on communities of color.
  • We need to increase drug rehabilitation and diversion programs to reduce recidivism and give non-violent offenders who have earned it a second chance.
  • Amy will work to expand Veterans Courts because Veterans who have served our country deserve to have their distinct needs addressed when they encounter the criminal justice system.
  • U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch recognized Amy’s skills and brought her into a high-level working group on prison reform. Unfortunately, those efforts were stymied by the Trump Administration, the backward policies of which led Amy to leave the DOJ and seek to work for reform as Colorado’s AG.

Civil Liberties

  • Amy will always defend a woman’s right to choose when and how to start a family. We must keep the government out of the personal health decisions that are between a woman and her doctor, family, and faith.
  • Amy will defend the right of LGBTQ people to marry and be treated fairly and equally by the laws of our state, as well as to work, access healthcare, and provide for themselves and their families without fear of abuse or discrimination.
  • Amy wants the Attorney General’s Office to be the best and most diverse law office in Colorado — it’s now the largest, and Amy will work tirelessly to make it the best. Amy will recruit the most talented, tenacious, and public spirited lawyers and investigators, and give them the tools to excel at their jobs. Amy will strive to have an office that is as diverse as Colorado.

Protecting Our Environment

  • Our current Attorney General has supported lawsuits that help big polluters. Amy will make the Colorado Attorney General the national leader in protecting the environment. Our state depends on a thriving outdoor recreation economy that brings in billions of dollars in tourism. This goes away if we don’t take steps to protect the natural wonders that Colorado has to offer.
  • Amy will establish a repurposed Environmental Crimes Unit and recruit top-notch attorneys to staff it.
  • Amy will build a specialized team of lawyers and investigators to move quickly to stop environmental abuses. This will include seeking injunctive relief and serious fines against violators.

Sexual Harassment & Assault

  • Sexual Assault on college campuses and sexual harassment in the workplace are problems that deserve the attention of the State’s top Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Students and their families deserve to have an expectation of safety when going off to college. Amy will undertake a comprehensive review of policies and procedures with the goal of sharply reducing sexual assaults on campus through institutional accountability.
  • With Amy as Attorney General, every state agency will have strong policies and procedures for sexual harassment that include training, transparency, and accountability.
  • Amy will ensure that victims of sexual harassment have an advocate in the Office of the Attorney General and that they are protected from retaliation.

Standing Up for Dreamers

  • Dreamers are our neighbors, our co-workers, and our children’s best friends in school; they’ve built their lives in this country, and Amy will fight for their ability to continue to contribute to and participate in our communities and economy.
  • As Attorney General, Amy will make Colorado proud and join Attorneys General across the country to protect Dreamers from being ripped away from the only home and life they’ve known.

Police Accountability

Most in law enforcement are dedicated public servants risking their lives on a daily basis to make our communities safer. Three brave young officers killed in the line of duty in recent months shows firsthand the dedication of thousands of officers across Colorado. To improve public confidence in law enforcement, Amy will:

  • Establish a unit in the office to investigate officer related shootings, with the objective to have impartial investigations that benefit everyone;
  • Implement quicker action by the State to remove credentials from officers who have engaged in conduct showing they should not be policing our communities; and
  • Implement more comprehensive background checks to ensure that officers with prior histories of misconduct do not land in Colorado and pose a risk to public safety.

Opioids & Meth

While Politicians from both parties were wringing their hands, the opioid crisis spiraled out of control. Today, the scourge of methamphetamines rears its ugly head in large swaths of rural America. As a former Prosecutor, Amy will take action.

  • Amy will develop a strong and effective litigation strategy to take on Big Pharma and drug companies whose deliberate actions caused and exacerbated the opioid crisis.
  • Amy will work with public safety offices across Colorado and the region to take on meth producers now.

For-Profit Prisons

The for-profit prison industry has made billions off the incarceration of Americans. This model of incarceration provides zero incentive for deterring offenders from our costly prison system or rehabilitating offenders to reduce recidivism; rather, there is only a financial incentive for government contractors to maintain high rates of incarceration as they profit based on occupancy.

  • Research shows that for-profit prisons keep inmates incarcerated for longer periods of time and in worse conditions. For-profit prisons are motivated by their bottom line, thus they are concerned with continuing to do what pays, as well as providing fewer, less costly resources. Keeping poor conditions and offering fewer resources also creates an environment for re-offense, which serves the profit-driven purpose of maintaining high incarceration rates.
  • At least 65 percent of Homeland Security detainees are held in for-profit detention facilities. The escalating criminalization of immigrants, the frequent denial of due process, and the lack of discretion provided to immigration judges has resulted in immigrants, undocumented or documented, becoming a commodity for the for-profit prison industry.
  • I support and will champion the phasing out of for-profit prisons in Colorado. I agree with U.S. Justice Department officials who, in 2016, concluded that for-profit prisons are not only less safe, but they are less effective at delivering correctional services while being grossly more expensive.